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Top 10 Potty Training Tips

Here are our top 10 tips for potty training!
Top 10 potty training tips

1. Perparation

Don’t rush in to potty training, it takes a lot of persistent effort and is a marathon, not a sprint. The summer is a great time to start potty training as less clothes, especially dresses for girls make it much easier for those “got to go” dashes to the toilet. Make sure you’ve got the time to dedicate to it and that you’re not distracted with work or any other commitments you may have.

2. Make it fun for your child

Your child will be interested in specific things, different toys, games, animals, trains, whatever it may be. Most kids learn best through play and reward. Our fun themed reward charts may help tie in with your strategy. If Mr Moo Cow need the toilet, then he can get a sticker on the farmyward reward chart

3. Show your child what it is all about

Using the potty or toilet is a brand new concept to your child and why should they want to change a perfectly good routine already? Invite them in to the toilet when you go, show them what it is all about. We ran a case study where mum and dad had a reward chart and got a sticker each time they went. This had great success within the family.

4. Talk to your child

Do they want to learn? Or are they resisting? Don’t force it upon your child, even though it might make your life easier. Drop it and try again in a week or so.

5. Encourage and Praise

Positive words of encouragement will help your child, assisted with positive reward will give them more incentive to get it right.

6. Persist

If you go back and forth between potty training and nappies, kids soon learn that there is an easy way out. Stick to your guns and keep going. However, use your judgement if it just isn’t working. If you do stop, leave it a while before trying again.

7. Keep them entertained

Sometimes sitting on the potty can be boring. Games, songs, toys and books can help get them used to environment and make them feel more comfortable.

8. Work together

Ensure everyone who interacts with your child knows what is going on and join forces for a consistent approach. Nursey, grandparents, babysitters – explain what is going on, how you are approaching it and get them to stick to your method.

9. Be prepared for journeys

A potty in the back of the car can be a life saver!

10. No negativity

Accidents happen, even when you child has been potty trained for ages, they will still happen. Don’t make a big fuss, sort the problem, get them changed and carry on.
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