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How to clean kids teeth

Reward charts help children to brush their teeth and prevent decay!

Do you have a battle every morning and every night to get your child to brush their teeth? A reward chart is a great way to encourage them, and reward them for clean set of pearly whites.

Some children simply hate brushing their teeth, be it the feeling of a tooth brush in their mouth, the taste of the minty toothpaste, or simply because it is something they have to do, many resist and go to bed with the remnants of sugary sweet still on their teeth, attacking them over night, leading to decay.

A reward charts is a great, simple way to help with the process. The idea is simple. Brush your teeth, get a sticker. A full chart means a treat (not sweets!) - Our Teeth Brushing Reward Charts are exactly what you need!

The brushing teeth reward chart should be kept separate from any other reward charts or behaviour techniques that you may use, and vice versa. Keep the teeth brushing reward chart in your bathroom, next to their own toothbrush and their own toothpaste. Make it clear to your child exactly what the chart is for and what they will get when the chart is complete. Let them choose their own reward, as this will mean more to them.

Ensure you are consistent with brushing teeth and that you do it at the same times everyday (ie after breakfast and after bath time at night) make it part of your normal routine.

Positive praise for good behaviour can encourage your children and get them in the habit. Even though baby teeth fall out, if you don’t look after them, this can have a significant impact on the forming adult teeth. 

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